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Energy Performance Glass

There are various choices available to the informed buyer to save on energy costs and get all aesthetic and psychological benefits of glass. Coated and tinted glass products and insulating glazing units can be used to control the flow of energy into and out of a building. In a hot environment like India, solar control glasses can be used to dramatically reduce the effect of the sun's heat, minimizing the need for air-conditioning. Solar control glass, usually either body tinted(absorbing) or coated(reflecting), is used to reduce unwanted solar radiant light and heat energy transmitting through glass. Similarly, in colder environments, low emissivity( low-e) glass can be used which reflects heat back into building.



Inputs for Energy Performance Glass:-


  (i)  Weather Report past 30 years for that city

  (ii)  Orientation of facade for solar intensity faced on different sides of a building 

  (iii) Ration of glazing to non glazing area

  (iv) Type of building and usage patterns